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Councillor Stephen Adams
PO Box 1749
Halifax, NS B3J 3A5

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Office: 902 477 0627
Cell Phone: 902 497 8818

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9 Responses to “Dist 11 – Steve Adams”
  1. Al Radau says:

    Hi Steve:

    I am writing you with a special request for our community of Spryfield, as you may or may not know I am a dog owner as are many others in Spryfield. Now we are in favor of the pick up rule but there seems to be a shortage of receptacles. Now many homeowners are cooperative and allow us to deposit in there garbage while others are not. Unfortunately there is another type of individual whom are well known to yourself and police, in this case of course it is 108 Old Sambro Rd. the apt. building at the corner of Old Sambro Rd. and Dentith. Just recently while depositing something in the receptacle at the back and of course picking up a few roaches spewn over the ground for children to pick up. I have not had any problem with tenants in this building in the past and as a matter of fact many call my dog onto the property so their kids can pet her and so on. In this case however Heathers clan(I am sure you know her, one of her kids was already arrested on gun charges), now oddly enough this was not really her kids fault, he was being edged on by another individual who seemed hell bent on starting something and told me to watch myself at night. In addition I was also accosted by one of them on the public sidewalk and told to move or be assaulted. Anyway when I explained that I would have no problem filing charges and pointed out the witnesses both across the street and all around he decided to back down. Now this could easily be avoided if you were to install trash bins in the area perhaps at each of the bus stops. Of course another option would be for you to have a chat with the superintendant and remind him that it would not look to good if people were to be assaulted for cleaning up their own mess and the mess of others who seem to have little concern for the children.

  2. Al Radau says:

    Come to think of it Steve perhaps there is also another solution, if a building has say a high crime rate and it is decided that it warrants police monitoring. Wouldn’t it be smart to bill the owner for the extra police presence required. For example if a building is suspected of some major drug dealing then instead of the taxpayer footing the bill for the investigation why not send the bill to the building owner. Anyway just a suggestion, but also would like to suggest that every building have a mandatory full safety and health inspection every x number of years rather than when the building is sold. In this way the city can insure that all buildings are safe without tenants having to fear reprisals from landlords for complaints. In addition it will most likely reduce health care costs and provide some extra revenue for the city without raising taxes. Especially if there are fines as well as orders to bring the building up to standards.

  3. donald harvey says:

    hi steve,we live on oceanbreeze ave in herring cove.i don’t know if anyone knows but is one heck of a hill all the way to the top.these private plow drivers don,t know how to plow the road,which could be plowed tonight if we are lucky.they only plow half the road and then you can’t get up.Pavia doesn’t have enough parking,so they park on oceanbreeze and make almost impossible to get up the should check it out yourself and see why everyone on the street is pissed off.thanks don harvey

  4. Chris Turner says:

    Hello Mr. Adams. My name is Chris Turner and I live in Upper Tantallon (the area that you refer to as where only deer and squirrels live). I look forward to seeing you at the June 01 meeting you promise to attend regarding the asphalt plant that you support. The residents will be expecting an apology.

    Chris Turner

  5. Kelly Walsh says:

    Hello Mr. Adams,
    My name is Kelly Walsh and I have tried reaching out to you twice via email since May regarding support for my sons provincial Lacrosse team who is traveling to Ontario in August to represent NS. So far I have not received a response which frankly is disappointing and unacceptable. You have a responsibility to respond to your constituents regardless if you have good or bad news to provide. I will be trying one more time to contact you however this time it will be by phone. I know Rick Howe would have a field day hearing that elected officials do not even have the courteousy to respond to an inquiry, especially one that involves youth in sport!

    Regards, Kelly Walsh

  6. Al Radau says:

    So I am quite impressed my landlord asked me to contact you regarding a rut between the road the shoulder and his driveway from the flow of rainwater along that route, I wondered if anything besides those markers were ever going to be done, but the seems the smart thing was done here as the Gas company repaired it while they were repairing the road that had been dug up for the laying of the new Gas line, like this as it does save a wee bit of money and makes a lot of sense. Funcy Captcha Code by the way fuc2 :)

    • Joel Sampson says:

      Shame it wasn’t planned! Shame it was stumbled on by happenstance rather than competence. Kind of like the savings found on the redone stone wall around the Dingle and Northwest Arm.

      But yes the savings are a bonus for our city.


  7. tiffany elliott says:

    wondering why you support a group that murders people’s family pets?

    feline groovy animal rescue

    also, fix this page so it says email and not mail. they are very different

  8. James Billard says:

    The Halifax city council is only looking at one side of the story. They said Cornwallis did this and he did that was it in a book or was it by mouth we no how things get turn around we did with 15 or 29 kids in a class room the story started with some one saying one thing an it came out to be something else. The indians killed just as many white black people women and child. His solders where killed in their sleep an where ever they were. One was no better than the other. It is history and there was a lot of good things that came out of it an a lot of bad things but we learn from them so that they will not happen again. I sailed on the Edward Cornwallis an I for one I would not like to see it’s name change for only a few people. I don’t like one or a few people have a say that has a affect for more people Thank You W J Billard.

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