Councillor Darren Fisher contact information

Mailing address:
Councillor Darren Fisher
PO Box 1749
Halifax, NS B3J 3A5

Work Phone Numbers:
Cell Phone: 902 497 7166

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One Response to “Dist 6 – Darren Fisher”
  1. Stephanie says:

    Hey, Ive been trying to call since Tuesday afternoon, I am not impressed. Being a 23 year female of Halifax for the past 23 years and not having a say or opinion for our community and trying to file a complaint is ridiculous. I’ve called non-emergency police and have tried to contact different district councillors and I am NOT HAPPY. Concidering my age and younger are the developing future of Halifax, You guys should be putting your EFFORTS and tax-dollars into making us happy and keeping us safe.
    Tuesday Afternoon while enjoying a long walk through Point Plesant Park and Going downtown to the waterfront with my other female friend and her 15 month old daughter in a stroller, we came to the four way, stop signs by Barrington Street across from superstore and waited PATIENTLY to cross the street. While cars were stopped at the Stop Signs we procedid to cross, and a truck driver had ended up reving the gas and was coming right at us. If it wasnt for me screaming a blood curling scream , to make the driver stop. ME AND the child and my friend would have probably died from impact. THE CROSSWALKS are RIDICULOUS, have you guys NOT BEEN ON BARRINGTON? have you guys not been DOWNTOWN? HAVE YOU SEEN THE DECAYING RUBBED OFF LINES ON THE ROAD THAT BARLEY EXIST? do i NEED TO USE MY OWN minimum wage money to go down there and spray paint NEON marks where there are APPARENTLY “marked crosswalks” ARE YOU SERIOUS? how hard is it to SLAP paint down on the road and redo them , yet you have the NERVE to even talk about building a stadium at shannon park and tennis courts out of our taxes, yet people are getting hit everyday over there. RIDICULOUS and IT ISNT RIGHT. AT ALL. whos needs are you providing for ? Sports? Olympics? We already have the canada games centre we already have sportsplex and metro centre, stadacona and shearwater. What about us? everyday civilians that stand on our feet at work for 8 hours and cant even have decent crosswalks..thats the LEAST you can do for us. Instead keep putting us in poverty and getting struck by cars, while paying for everyone elses CRAP and sports by upping our taxes for things half of us dont even use. I have to pay for my own way and to have a gym membership , SO everyone else should have to pay for their hobbies too. I can barley afford my bills as it is, thanks for the slavery. Oh and almost losing my life. How many people havent reported almost getting hit by a car? Wont do anything til its too late and people have to rise up.

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