Councillor Brad Johns contact information

Mailing address:
Councillor Brad Johns
P.O. Box 203
Sackville, NS B4C 2S9

Work Phone Numbers:
Office: 902 476 1234
Cell Phone: 902 869-4749

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One Response to “Dist 14 – Brad Johns”
  1. Krista Dicks says:

    I understand that HRM has adequate equipment to clean up HRM without calling on extra help however I also know that it is 11pm on Wed. night and it is still storming and when looking at the highway camera’s the highways are barely passable and the visibility is minimal. HRM is keeping the buses of the roads for Thursday morning in respect to the weather and for HRM to clean-up the roads. My question is why we have not declared this a state of emergency? We, meaning anyone outside of the city core, cannot get out of our street and are expected to get to work. (for those with blue collar jobs). Of course the government offices will be delayed however despite the fact that the buses are not running we are somehow expected to still get to work. So either our road is not plowed for those of us that drive or the buss is not running for those who relay on bus for transportation. (kudos to buses as well for showing respect) Please… lets keep people safe and call a state of emergency so stores will stay closed and the streets can be cleaned. Our shopping Centers have 0 stores that are necessities.

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