Councillor Bill Karsten contact information

Mailing address:
Councillor Bill Karsten
23 Carlson Court
Dartmouth, NS B2W 5X6

Work Phone Numbers:
Office: 902 490 7032
Cell Phone: 902 476 1855

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2 Responses to “Dist 3 – Bill Karsten”
  1. Herb Sooley, Donna Sooley says:

    Bill, we have a traffic safety problem when making a left hand turn from Lindenwood unto Baker Drive due to the long string of parked vehicles which prevent one from seeing the oncoming traffic. We know of at least one accident when a friend of ours was trying to make that same turn and couldn’t see the oncoming traffic. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries to her or the occupants of the other vehicle. What appears to be needed are a few signs to force the owners of the parked vehicles to stay a fair distance from the Lindenwood/Baker intersection so that the occupants of vehicles making the left hand turn can see far enough to be aware of oncoming traffic. Your attention to this dangerous traffic problem would be most appreciated. Thank you! Herb Sooley, Donna Sooley, 51 Cloverfield Court, Dartmouth, 902-462-1313

  2. Joan Bennett says:

    By – Law “Beef” I am a law abiding citizen. I pay my taxes. I wait for the walk light. My dogs are licensed and up to date on their shots. When the rules change, I make the necessary adjustments! I was raised in a time when rules and laws meant something, people may not have liked all of them but dutifully followed their lead knowing that, for the most part everyone else did as well and they were there for a reason. Here’s my “beef.” By-laws surrounding dogs, leash laws etc. are getting stricter and stricter. Since we do NOT have an off leash area and I do not have a car to get to one of the very few dog friendly parks I used to use training leads to exercise my dogs on the wooded paths in my area. When encountering another person they were brought to heel out of courtesy for that person and their space. The leash laws have been “shortened” to 10 feet and I have made the adjustment to a 6 foot lead. However, I seem to be the only one because I constantly run into dogs running free on the pathways and their owners always respond with “everyone” does it! People with extend-a-leads laughingly inform me that “It’s okay my dog is friendly” as their dog bounds uncontrollably toward my under control dogs on their short leashes. I tiptoe around the droppings that people don’t pick up and around the “poop bags” that they use and just dump on the ground. I have been attacked by three pitbull mixes that were running free at a baseball field in our neighbourhood ( a place that is supposed to be off limits between spring and fall …. I abide by that rule but constantly see others who do not.) If city council is going to make these rules then they need to find a way to start enforcing them! They need to start patrolling and issuing tickets and fines to the people who choose to ignore these rules instead of making law abiding people put up with more and more restrictions. I guess what I am trying to say is … Refrain from making more by-laws until you can effectively enforce the ones that are already in place! It would also be nice to have an off leash area in the Mount Edward Rd / Woodlawn area. Behind or around the back of the ball field would be good … We just need somewhere to let our dogs be dogs too!

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