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Mailing address:
Mayor Mike Savage
1841 Argyle Street
P.O. Box 1749
Halifax, NS B3J 3A5

Work Phone Numbers:
Office: 902 490 4010
Cell Phone: 902 490 4010

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5 Responses to “Mayor Mike Savage”
  1. bill says:

    Hi Mike,

    I am New to Nova Scotia and disgusted.

    FIX THE FUCKING POT HOLES FIRE THE DEAD WOOD who hang out at tims all day.
    Put tracking in on their cell phones make them accountable it’s really easy.

  2. Rufus says:

    Bring back Peter Kelly. Savage has done nothing but spend spend spend. The roads are the worse in years. Contractors did a rotten job this year. I don’t think they know what they are doing.

  3. Andrea says:

    Just take the friggin Cornwallis statue down.

    You don’t see anymore Hitler statues in Berlin,
    or anyone that was affiliated with him.
    Grow some balls dude. Let them set up there
    committees and waste our tax money.
    Those who have.

  4. a trask says:

    without prejudice

    Mr. Savage:

    Thank you for your time……… is almost unbearable there is no bus svc. on the Bay Rd at this time……seniors cannot climb the hills coming to Crown Dr……..they could have, or you in charge of the city could have put a small bus to get up to the construction on Bay Rd, even once an hr………running from the mall to Needs store…….

    I hope others call and bug you……as far as I am concerned Shawn Cleary will never get my vote again, like he said at first he was doing it for a short time…..well his time is up, he doesn’t care about garbage disposal, all the garbage around Chebucto Rd walking up from the Roundabout on left…..
    it was July before we got the new backless black benches at bus stops and garbage containters…..if the contract was up, why did you guys let it go on for so long instead of preparing for it????

    The second thing is, stop yaking about the statue of Cornwallis…in Vic. Park, tear it down, are you afraid, you can’t sit on the fence all the time.
    Waste of time talking about it, even though I am white.

    Please help with the bus svc. on Bay Rd. I understand, like some, the work/water pipes have to be replaced, but this is ridiculous.

    Thank you,
    A. Trask

  5. Alfred Baizana says:

    Solution for senior renters…
    Shannon Park has facility for 5-6 buildings of identical units.
    50-60 units per bldg; incl rent of 1300 @ month payable to city.
    Each unit has 2 bdrom,2 bath,water, parking.
    City is renty with automatic bank deposit.
    Sobey’s would set up a grocery just off site.
    The preferred contractor would possibly be George Daniel.
    As a rentor(7-1/2 yrs) from one of his buildings, it is amazing.

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