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Mailing address:
Councillor Gloria McCluskey
215 Victoria Road
Dartmouth, NS B3A 1W5

Work Phone Numbers:
Office: 902 490 7033
Cell Phone: 902 476 1667

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8 Responses to “Dist 5 – Gloria McCluskey”
  1. Gail says:

    I most DEFINATELY WANT my flyer’s, I use them regularly and save a great deal of money each week by price watching and price matching. Not everyone has a computer to look at these online. If they are becoming litter, then the homeowner should be responsible to pick their flyers up and disposing of them!

    • RC says:

      I agree with you Gail. It’s the same as receiving a hardcopy of your bills. I like to have my bills in hand to view them and not always online. What if your computer went down or your internet service provider had a massive power interruption? I look forward to receiving my flyers in the mail or home delivery.

  2. Tom Wright says:

    First, congratulations on the victory.
    Having endured the construction on Albro Lake Rd, Not complaining long overdue, but a suggestion. Just above Pincrest at 175 Albro lake and at the intersection of Cedar street, there are two ungodly dips in the centre of the road, any chance they will be fixed?
    Another observation, was at the lights at Windmill and Wyse Rd, a link bus pulled up beside me at about 0945, empty. he had the nerve to activate the light and pull ahead of traffic and continue on to Cole harbour, empty.
    Is there no way these buses can be pulled of the road between peak hours? I get sick of seeing the highly paid drivers wasting my pittance of a pension driving around the city empty. Perhaps they could be utilized to carry seniors and handicapped around for free between 1000 and 1400. failing that, they should be parked to save on wear and tear, fuel and wages.
    Thanks for bearing my minor rant.

  3. deborah coffin says:

    We have called the city several times regarding the sidewalk on berwick street being full of ice. The water is running down the sidewalk and now its all ice and its flowing across the sidewalk in front of 22 sinclair street which everyday we are out with the ice chipper, chipping the ice away so we can get in and out of the driveway as the water flow is going across our driveway and freezing and it makes it difficult for the paper to come, the mail to be delivered and getting in and out of the driveway. I would like to know how many times does one have to call to get the sidewalk useable instead of people having to walk on the road. Quite obvious there is a problem that needs to be fixed in this area.

  4. Linda Hodgins says:

    Has anyone else complained about a bad sewer smell coming from the drains on Shore Road? It’s been there all summer. I understand there have been ongoing odour issues in downtown Dartmoputh but I think this is the first time it’s been noticeable on Shore Road. So the problem is getting worse.

    Should I be complaining to the city or Halifax Water?

  5. Ross T. says:

    Glad to hear you advocating for bicycle licensing. Would make them feel a responsibility for their actions.
    Thanks Gloria, keep on pushing.

  6. John says:

    FLYERS are causing havoc again in our neighbourhood as this unwanted ‘garbage’ is delivered in plastic bags to every address.

    I have asked repeatedly to be removed from the list because I live alone and travel frequently. But every time I return, a wet bundle of fliers are wrapped in red plastic on my front lawn.

    There should be some recourse for citizens to fine the companies who throw “junk fliers” on a person’s lawn / doorstep.

  7. gregg yeadon says:

    When will the tennis nets be up in Manor Park? Every year good weather is wasted with no nets to be seen. Frustrating.

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