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Councillor Tim Outhit
PO Box 1749
Halifax, NS B3J 3A5

Work Phone Numbers:
Office: 902 490 5679
Cell Phone: 902 229 6385

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10 Responses to “Dist 16 – Tim Outhit”
  1. Maryanne De Palma says:

    Nicholas Meagher Park located on 121 Rockmanor Drive, Bedford, N.S. no longer has the sign or the basketball hoops/nets (poles still up). Our family enjoyed the outdoor court for many years. Any assistance providing new hoops/nets would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  2. Kevin Dunphy says:

    Paper Mill Lake,

    Will we ever have our lake back? It appears that work only proceeds at the Contractors convenience. Can we look forward to a time when our family and neighbours can once again enjoy the beauty and recreational benefits of Paper Mill Lake.

  3. Bruce Gray says:

    Hello Tim, Myself, along with all my neighbours in Peerless Subdivision across from Farmers Dairy would like to have something done with the terrible snowplowing we have been getting this winter. We know that the first call of duty for the drivers is the main roads which we realize we are not. The problem is that when they do arrive here they usually plow a strip just wide enough to get one car up and down. Then between 3 and 4 in the morning they show up with the larger plow, and proceed to wake everyone up and fill in their driveways. If they would send the larger plow the first time and shove the snow back to where it should be, we would not be having a problem. All they usually send first is a pickup with a small plow and a salt shaker in the back. It is now 440pm and we have yet to have a plow since before dawn this morning.

  4. Michelle Smith Melanson says:

    Mr Outhit. Friday is our garbage pickup day and this Friday they took everyone’s garbage but ours. We found out that it was because our bin has no handles on it. It’s because of the rough handling of the bins “by the garbage men” that they’re missing. We’ve had to replace the bins 3 times in 8 years. I’ve spoken to friends and neighbors around the city and no one else has had to replace bins as often as we have. It’s not fair. They break them and we’re expected to replace them or they won’t take our garbage. Can you please help with this problem? My husband refuses to buy bins yet again and the smell is going to get foul as the summer heat arrives.

  5. lynn butland says:

    Mr. Outhit: as i sit on my deck today at ,east 3 sport bikes have gone up my street Meadowbrook dr at excessive speed this happens all to often and also with cars they just fly up and down as we don’t have sidewalks it is very dangerous my grandso lives on the corner of basinview and meadowbrook and is always going back and forth every day. I wish you could express my concerns to the Police dept a nd may be they could have a speed limit electronic sign put up to show how fast they are going they can out it in front of my house because that seems to be the spot they are going really fast to the top of the hill.

    Lynn 109 meadowbrook dr

    hoping to hear from you with good news

  6. Diane Henderson says:

    Do you even read these and respond? As I was just speaking to a few people who have contacted you this way, and they have not heard a word or a response. Is there a better way to contact you as we would like to know.

    Thank you.

  7. lynn butland says:

    Mr Outhit it is very obvious that you never answer your emails as others have noticed. I still have traffic racing g up and down my street Meadowbrook Dr. I guess i should have went to the police my self to let it be know to themwhich i will do. I also have concerns about the new plans for 100 Meadowbrook dr. And i certainly will be going to look at that proposal as it was not allowed to go through a few years ago because of allowances in measurements so what has changed this proposal is a development that can be very dangerous on our street you should realize that if you are for the people you will help stop this. We will be in forming our people on the street to go and have a look at the proposal,this should not happen and we will do everything to stop it. This will go to council and howiwill you vote ? I hope its wilth the people who put you in .
    Thank you

  8. Barbara Bossy says:

    Please send the pothole repair people to doyle stree soon before our new car is ruined. Thanks. Barbara Bossy, 69 doyle street, Bedford, ns. B4a 1k4

  9. Marg Fisher says:

    Good Morning Mr Outhit

    I am concerned that bikes ridden by all ages are permitted on the walkways at De wolf Park. It is dangerous for pedestrians especially children and the elderly many with walkers and some such as myself hearing impaired…the bikes speed by with no consideration for walkers. The streets here are only used by residents and others using the park . I see no reason why bikes can not use the streets instead of the walking paths.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Marg Fisher

  10. Tim Outhit says:

    Lynn, glad we were able to connect. As discussed, this is an “as of right” development so there is no Council vote or public consultation process. I will continue meeting and speaking with neighnours, as this has been an ongoing concern for the past three years. Cheers

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