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Mailing address:
Councillor Russell Walker
10 Plymouth Street
Halifax, NS B3M 2S2

Work Phone Numbers:
Office: 902 443 8010
Cell Phone: 902 497 7215

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6 Responses to “Dist 10 – Russell Walker”
  1. Paula Murray says:

    I would like to say THANK-YOU for the massive improvement to the crosswalk on the corner of Willet and Frederick Ave. The cars actually now know that it is a crosswalk, and they stop instead of speeding past, making my job a lot safer and less stressful walking the kids to and from school. Love the curb edges this will also make it better in the winter time for traveling to and from school! SO HAPPY!

    I would like to make a request: the curb in front of our home and center is broken and looks terrible, making our place not very representable. I would like it replaced.

    Paula Murray
    Home Owner and Business Owner


  2. Amber Nelson says:

    Please tell me why as a rate payer, we are paying to have security guards from Ontario doing strike watch on Halifax Water? Why are you , David Hendsbee, Mayor Savage and Barry Darlymple sitting back doing nothing? Halifax Water should be back at the bargaining table with it’s union employees fixing this. Do you even care that you are hurting the people who pay your salaries????????

    A very angry and disappointed Rate Payer.

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Access A Bus Supervisor is torturing tthe disabled users denying them the quality of service we ars suppose to recieve because they are abusing thier authority

  4. Richard E Brown says:

    It is time that two apartment buildings (22 & 24 Evans Ave.) owned by Olive Branch be condemned. I have managed an apartment building on this street for 26 years and the manhours by police, fire dept., SPCA and others wasted attending to ongoing problems on a D A I L Y basis. Mail delivery has been denied to these properties because of the deplorable conditions. No one is in charge there, they run by themselves. If I have a unit for rent I will never setup a showing after 3pm as that is usually when the police cars etc. start rolling in and frightened the clients off. The rest of the street is good & good people living here, we should not have to be exposed to this ongoing situation and asking for ” H E L P “

  5. Jan morris says:

    Walking on the mainland loop trail this morning was like walking in a war zone, with the number of downed trees. Is there something that can be done about this….it’s not a lovely forest walk any more. Could you not chip the fallen trees and branches and use them to maintain the trails? Here’s hoping you can do something about this and make our trail beautiful!

  6. Evelyn Seeton says:

    I am wondering why the streets of Fairview are in such a deplorable state. We have received patches upon patches but now we need complete re-paving. I live on Frederick Ave. and the street between Hillcrest and Willett has to be one of the worst. We have a lot of children and traffic on this street along with cars parking because of the Piercey field. The brush also needs to be cleared back from the street. Because of the curve in our street just above Hillcrest, it is very dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.

    I drive up to relatives in the north end on a regular basis and am amazed at the new paving being done on streets that are no where near as bad as ours. Something has to be done before another winter.

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