Bedford Potholes

Located in Bedford, NS, (well sort of) Bedford Highway is a road I travel often, but only Bedford Highway. Oh, is it really a highway? I can never figure it out why people call it a highway. Strange if you ask me. Anyways, to be perfectly honest, I never seem to run into or over many potholes in Bedford. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Since I only drive through Bedford via the Bedford Highway, I don’t really have any photos of my own that I can share with you. Having said that, if you have a photo of a pothole located in Bedford, NS then by all means please feel free to report it here.

All thoughts of the conditions of the streets in Bedford are welcome, but please keep your comments clean.

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  1. Kevin Seaboyer says:

    The bottom of Bluewater RD closest to Hammond Plains is getting very rough could use some repair this summer.

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