Dartmouth Potholes

I like Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and I honestly can’t explain why. There’s just something about Dartmouth that I like. Except the darn potholes of course. Argh!!

On this page, you will find pictures of potholes (or craters) located within Dartmouth. The pictures shown below have been submitted by some of the finest people of Dartmouth. If you have a photo of a road hazard like a crater or a pothole located in Dartmouth, NS then please feel free to report it here.

Oh by the way, I think I like Dartmouth so much because my mechanic has his shop there. He’s one reliable fella!!!

All thoughts of the conditions of the streets in Dartmouth are welcome, but please keep your comments clean.

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One Response to “Dartmouth Potholes”
  1. Stacey Shirley says:


    Every day I drive to work and I’m sure to other motorists I look like an impaired driver, the section of highway from the end of the 101 Sackville heading in Dartmouth to the bottom of the Magazine Hill is a disgrace and the holes in the road are going to cause a serious accident. Please have your crews out there to fix them as soon as you possible can. It not just the damage it doing to our vehicles, someone is going to be seriously injured. People are swerving and trying to change lanes at the last second to avoid hitting them but there’s nowhere to go. This morning was even worse with the holes filed with water and gravel. With the high level of taxes we pay in this province we should never see a pot hole, at the very least we should see crews out repairing them. Somebody snuck out one day and filled a couple holes on the other side of the same highway heading into Sackville from the Magazine Hill but neglected to have a look at the other side, oh wait, they know how bad they are because the put signs there two weeks ago‚Ķ.please, on behalf of us working people travelling our highways every day, get a crew out there for a day to repair that stretch of highway.

    Thank you

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