Halifax Potholes

Below you will find more than just pictures of potholes located within Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sure potholes do damage to your vehicle, but so do other road hazards such as cracks in the pavement, uneven surfaces and inferior repair jobs.

The pictures located below have been submitted by people like me – a hard working tax payer of HRM who is pretty much ticked off at constantly having to avoid potholes so they don’t do any costly damage to my vehicle after I unintentionally drive over them.

If you have a photo of a pothole located in Halifax and wish to report it, then please feel free to submit it here.

Your opinion of the conditions of the streets in Halifax of course are welcome, but please keep your comments clean.

Please note that all opinions presented and comments made in this section do not necessarily reflect those of the owners of Halifaxpotholes.com.

Submitted pothole images for Halifax, NS.

Connolly St. and Almon St. - Halifax, NS

Connolly St. and Almon St. - Halifax, NS

Young St

Young St in front of Superstore. I'm told that the picture doesn't do this hole justice. Submitted January 4, 2010.

In front of The Big General

On South St. in front of Big General Store. Thanks to Michelle for submitting this photo of a pothole on South St. Halifax, NS. This pothole I am told is located in front of Big General store heading towards the Northwest Arm. Submitted January 26, 2010.


8 Responses to “Halifax Potholes”
  1. Gail says:

    The streets of Bayers,Oxford and Main Ave have horrible potholes the roads are not safe

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