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4 Responses to “HRM Rants”
  1. Christine Greene says:

    I want to know why there are only 2 animal cruelty investigators for HRM. I called about a neighbor tossing out kittens and was told animal control does not help cats unless they are sick or in distress. Nothing was done; the kittens are left to fend for themselves and make more kittens or die of starvation/disease/other animal attacks/injury or death by cars or human abuse. They will however pick up dogs roaming at large or injured. Why not cats??? Why is the 2008 By-law not enforced??? Why are people who have been reported for cruelty to cats not prosecuted as readily as dog cruelty complaints? Anyone dare to answer me without passing the buck?

    • Kayla Iafelice says:

      Christine can you please email me at k.iafelice@hotmail.com. I want to do a story on this for an Eastlink television program. I’m a journalism student at the University of King’s College.

      Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Tom Wright says:

    An observation, was at the lights at Windmill and Wyse Rd, a link bus pulled up beside me at about 0945, empty. he had the nerve to activate the light and pull ahead of traffic and continue on to Cole harbour, empty.
    Is there no way these buses can be pulled of the road between peak hours? I get sick of seeing the highly paid drivers wasting my pittance of a pension driving around the city empty. Perhaps they could be utilized to carry seniors and handicapped around for free between 1000 and 1400. failing that, they should be parked to save on wear and tear, fuel and wages.
    Thanks for bearing my minor rant.

  3. Denise Matheson says:

    Attention all CONDO owners in the HRM – regarding the $42 Stormwater Right of Way Charges EACH owner is now required to pay. Before this change, the $42 charge was per building or per Water Line.

    Take this up with your Councillor and let them know this TAX GRAB is not acceptable and that the charge be applied as was done previously.

    Over 120,000 units in HRM are affected – do your part and hopefully we can all save this $42 per unit charge!

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