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Tired of constantly avoiding potholes in Halifax? I know I am. Even more, I find myself getting increasingly annoyed with the fact that when I avoid one pothole (or a humongous crater) I end up driving over one that was much larger than the one I tried to avoid. You know how I feel, don’t you?

Let’s face it, other than the potential for causing serious injury, potholes are a darn nuisance for many reasons. To me, the most annoying thing about potholes in and around Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) is the costly damages they can do to our vehicles. I know that annoying feeling because I’ve already been there.

Mechanics, tire shops and I bet lawyers in Halifax, NS must love potholes and to be honest with you, I can’t blame them. Potholes can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to any size vehicle. Some of the most typical damages caused by potholes are to your tires, rims, struts, muffler and alignment system. Potholes can also cause damages due to fluid leakage and the formation of rust around the damaged areas. Like I’ve already mentioned, mechanics, tire shops and lawyers must love potholes.

Obviously, HRM councilors must be aware of the conditions of the roads in HRM, but are they doing enough to ensure that our roads are safe enough to travel on by repairing these potholes in a timely fashion?

So what can we do about the pothole situation in HRM? Well we can start by spreading the word about this site. Why? Because it’s the place where you can alert your fellow drivers by reporting a pothole or even submitting a photo of a pothole you find while in your travels.

I hope you find this site useful and we encourage you to check back daily for updated reports.

Please feel free to submit your comments or opinions about the conditions of the roads in Halifax, NS or throughout HRM in the comments section below. All opinions presented and comments made below do not necessarily reflect those of the owners of Halifaxpotholes.com.


44 Responses to “HOME”
  1. Rick Dyme says:

    I was just going to write to my councilor complaining about a pothole on my street, but decided to do a search on potholes and insurance claims and found this site on google. I’m going to forward this site to my councilor when I write to her. Hopefully Halifax Comedy Council will take this site as a wakeup call and fix the damn streets.

    • Scott says:

      This is too funny. I found this site searching through Faceboook for some long lost friends. It’s a good thing I drive a big Dodge Ram, but even my truck takes a lot of abuse from the potholes in this city. And I agree with you Rick, hopefully Halifax council will wake up now that it looks like the heat will be on them. Good job to the creator of this site

  2. Jason says:

    It’s about time something like this has come about. My biggest problem is when the city/provice decides to fix the holes, they only patch it, causing the hole to return the next winter. Take a drive down Etter Road in Mount Uniacke. You’re in for a bouncy ride.

  3. gabe says:

    It would be wise for council to hire a paving company that is willing to guarantee their work. This is common in other parts of the world, and will ensure the contractor will not do a shoddy job. For the sake of the city streets, drainage is an issue as well, where pedestrians cross streets in the winter months one can find a huge build up of water and slush because the road is shaped like a giant speedbump, moving water from the middle to the edges of the road, where there is absolutely no drainage. This makes walking in the winter not only cold and wet for our feet, but also a hazard, since many are seen jumping onto the road from the sidewalk.

  4. SickOfThis says:

    It isn’t hard to see how we keep running into this pothole problem year after year, over and over and over again. Bedford Highway is a perfect example : They “fix” the potholes as cheaply as humanly possible…but they never seem to be able to level them with the rest of the road. There is ALWAYS raised asfault around the area where the pothole was “fixed”. The result? The INSTANT a snow plow runs over that…just once…BOOM…they end up catching the raised top of the “fix” and dig it out, along with the rest of the ashfault. *shrug*. I’ve seen it a hundred times! Actually, some of the “fixes” on Bedford Highway were done so poorly last summer, they were starting to come out before the snow even started falling. What it boils down to is that city council just doesn’t get it and neither do the staffers charged with making the work happen. The work they claim to be doing is irrelevant because it only lasts for a month, so not only do they end up fixing the potholes that weren’t properly fixed the year before, but they have new ones popping up as well. They may think they’re saving money, but it’s a total false economy. What angers me is this same pattern of mistakes over and over and over again, with city council expecting a different result every time (like a bunch of uneducated kids) and then lying to the public about the reasons why we have no money around here. I have been fortunate in that my car has never been damaged by a pothole, but the day it happens…they’ll wish it hadn’t. Hello lawsuit if neccessary.

  5. PdeV says:

    When I see a pothole I call the city right away and make note of the time of my call. If the city does’t fix the hole in a certain time ( I forget what it is now 48 hours maybe?) they are now responsable to fix any damage cause by the reported pot hole.
    I have the number programmed in my phone: 490-4000
    Needless to say, the city is pretty quick to fix reported porholes…

    • HalifaxPotholes says:

      Thank you for your comments.

      Please feel free to share your pothole stories and please report any potholes you see in your travels on here.

      Your support is very much appreciated.

    • shelley martell says:

      Searching for answers. Live in Cape Breton and I sustained 600.00 of damage to my vehicle just before Christmas. The location was under the jurisdiction of the province. There was a claim submitted along with pictures of the wheel in the pothole. Recently received correspondance that stated the province was not responsible as they did not know about it. Visited a local MLA (joke) who said they did know about it as it was located in his constituency and he himself had reported it numerous times. My vehicle fell victim to this pothole on December 23, 2009 and I reported the said pothole numerous times afterward. It was not marked nor repaired until December 29th. I now have another letter from the province that tells me I can take legal action against them if I wish. The legal action I’d like to take would not involve the pothole but rather the hand in the cookie jar fiasco now unfolding in the legislature. Is anyone ever compensated for pothole damage?

      • sharon says:

        Hey Shelley
        I too know that feeling (I live in New Ross)……2 years ago my husband sustained damage to his tire and rim. We also filled out a claim for the damage and it came back stating the same thing as yours.
        I don’t nknow how they feel they aren’t responsible…..because itsn’t it up to the Province to keep all roads in Safe Conditions????

  6. Steve says:

    There’s a really bad one (not really a pothole, but an expansion joint) on the ramp from Joe Howe Drive to the Inbound Fairview Overpass.
    That expansion joint is TERRIBLE even at a very slow speed.

    • Ryan says:

      Hey Steve,

      I know exactly what you are talking about. Every time I go around that corner it feels like my car is going to flip over. I often wondered what’s taking the city so long to fix it. Surely people must have reported it.

  7. Brenda says:

    Hey Steve,

    I know the one you are talking about. It feels like my car is going to flip over going around that corner and that is even when I am going slower than the speed limit.

    I think the city needs to look into this one for sure.

  8. sharon says:

    Here’s my issue.
    I may not live in the HRM…..but I do live in Nova Scotia. In a small Rural Community. For years the Community has been trying to get a a specific road paved. It’s called the” Mill Rd”. In all of 30 years this road has only been paved ONCE. So one can just imagine after that long, what type of condition this road would be in. There has been many petitions that had gone out asking for repair on this raod….but just like the caption in today’s News Paper ( May 27/11 )….they say they don’t have the funds to do it, and they cannot give a specified date as to when it will be done. I LAUGH at comments like this, because that could mean next week, month or even next year. Please “Tell” us, Mr Estabrooks, after all these years where does all the funding go?? Our road may not be a through way, but it is a very busy road. It’s a school bus route, there are many elderly people that live on this road, and not to mention logging trucks travel this as well. The road itself is so dangerous, and there are so many potholes that one literally has to drive on the wrong side just to avoid them and we are all tired of the repairs that have to be done on our vehicles. Back in March of this year, there was a company that went along and filled some of the holes in this road. The way it was done, was just beyond….all they did was walk behind a truck put the asphalt in the hole….they didn’t pound it down, they didn’t sweep off any large chunks….they just let the residents of New Ross drive over the mounds to flatten them out. It’s now been approx. 2 mths since this awful repair and with all the rain we have had….the asphalt is now out of the filled holes and the holes are bigger then before. THIS IS A TOTAL WASTE OF OUR THE TAX PAYERS MONEY!!!!!!!
    Whats it going to take to have this road fixed in the proper way it should be( Have Someone Killed ) I surely hope not ! Something needs to be done and soon!!!!!!!!

  9. Bernie says:

    The Prospect Road between New Minas and Hwy12 is so full of potholes not fit for a vehicle to travel on.The holes are filled at tmes but once a few vehicles travel it,the holes are back.trying to reach a councillor for your district is another story..

    • sharon says:

      I hear ya…..and when you do reach someone, they give the same ole story.

      I have tried several times to reach Bill Estabrooks, but he never responds. I have corresponded with our local MLA Denise Peterson Rafuse and for some reason I really feel she is trying….as she did travel our road last year and took some pictures and said they it was in full need of repair.
      I have sent numerous emails to just about everyone i can think of thats connected to the local area but …always the same one never hears back from anyone.
      Here’s something…..two years ago I sent emails upon emails to all the otherGovernment officials that were in and they must have put me down as being spam……cause for awhile all my eamils were diverted back to me.
      That just goes to show you how well they really listen….

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  17. Sherry says:

    In less than one month, I’ve had to replace two brand new tires due to potholes around HRM that are the size of craters! Something has to be done – driving your car in and around HRM is like some sort of circus ride trying to avoid potholes. I’m making a claim for BOTH tires. Very frustrating and this year is the worst I’ve seen!!!

  18. Alana says:

    The holes are absolutely ridiculous this season. I ride a motorcycle, which I’m hoping to start riding soon, but I don’t think it would be much fun considering I’ll constantly be looking down for those monstrous holes. I’ve seen holes several inches deep in places like going onto the 102 from Bayers Rd. and in areas with speed limits of over 100 km/h, that would KILL someone on a motorcycle. You can say we’re responsible for avoiding them all you want, but sometimes you just can’t. The city should be absolutely required to maintain the roads to a high standard in areas with speed limits like that.

  19. Susi says:

    Hello all, just wanted to add my 2 cents worth regarding the potholes this year. I travel to Burnside using the 102 from exit 8 then the 118 To Burnside and my Husband travels the 102 to Bedford. Always a challenge to avoid the holes.

    Between Hammonds Plains (exit 3) and Bedford outbound on the 102 there are quite a few potholes in both the regular and passing lanes. The right lane is the worst one as there are long, deep strips along drivers side of lane…in order to avoid them, you have to straddle them.

    Where 102 and 118 split…when heading to Dartmouth the passing lane on the second overpass, is a mass of potholes, after trial and error, I straddle it like a pro now lol, as long as new potholes don’t appear!

    Along the 118, the resurfacing layer has been lifted off by the snowplows leaving large areas missing just past the Akerley exit inbound

    Lastly Dartmouth Crossing to the 102 outbound there are a lot of deep potholes

    Happy Driving everyone and good luck in trying to avoid those annoying potholes!!

  20. Jessi says:

    I really wish I could submit pictures…. my husband and I are on a really crappy income and cannot afford to fix everything on our car…. there is a pothole in Berwick N.S and we hit it last night and it screwed up our alignment, damaged our axle, punctured a hole in our tire, and now we have no rim… I’m tired of spending my money on this car that we need for my husband to get to work everyday. We need food and medicine… My husband is a diabetic that takes needles which are $200 ever three weeks. I also have a three year old, whom had just had her tonsils out and I have to pay for antibiotics now…. without a freaking medical plan…. I cannot afford to pay for something we really really need everyday….. FIX YOUR DAMN HOLES…. WE have all kinds of dirt…. please….

    • crystal says:

      So I take it there is no since in trying to put a claim in for 3 tires that have been damaged beyond repair and a tow truck because of pot holes here in the city of Halifax NS

  21. Keeley says:

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  22. Eoin Wright says:

    While walking across the street from my Barber Shop in ‘The Brewery’ at Lower Water/Sishop St. in Halifax, I sustained serious injury. My foot was caught in a brick sized pothole at the intersection. I flew head first into the pavement breaking my ankle and keeping my face from crashing by using my arm to break the fall. Now I can no longer cut hair in a one man shop, and I am not sure when the pain will subside enough to be able to reopen my business. The state of this pedestrian roadway is not acceptable. I have no insurance and don’t have a clue how I will be able to pay the negligence of HRM.

  23. bill says:

    NS is a shit province insane taxes poor services

    A bunch of bums who work in public works and do nothing

    Shame on you Halifax

  24. Amin says:

    Today i run into a pothole in downsview drive sackville , busted the tire ruined the rim and broke the control arm I cant afford this repairs and i feel its the city responsibility to fix the pothole or at least put a sign there

  25. Guy says:

    Potholes are everywhere this year due to all the insane weather.. The worst one is the huge frost heave on the 103 exit 3 leaving Halifax with no warning! Even if a crew would just take one night on the main roads and put orange spraypaint / maybe small signs before and on the holes to warn people! That wouldn’t cost much. Wile their at it just fill em in, there’s new easy patching products out there ! DO SOME RESEARCH HALIFAX!!! If more people sent Halifax their repair bills they will soon realize it’s in their interest to fix these craters ASAP. How many repairs, accidents and possibly even deaths have these caused?

  26. Sherry says:

    I have replaced two new tires last spring and two again this spring. I am sick and tired of
    Driving on HRM streets like it’s an obstacle course!!!! Immediate attention is required HRM!!!!!! It doesn’t matter what street anymore-this is a huge problem that needs immediate attention. Very frustrated that this is costing me money each year and other residents. Do something!!!!!!

  27. Sherry says:

    Spring 2016 and already numerous potholes around HRM-why don’t they get fixed immediately????? Very tired of stressing about this every year and wondering how many tire blow outs I will have with my brand new tires!

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